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Spread joy and give back with every gift. Choose a scratch off ticket and the charitable cause you're most passionate about, knowing your recipient and charity will both win

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Feel the joy of knowing your charitable scratch-off ticket gift allowed you to easily bring a smile to a loved one’s face by supporting a cause that feels meaningful to them. It's a win-win.

Just 5 easy steps!

how to play

step 1

discover new charities

You view our charity catalog to find the cause you want to support or that aligns with your recipient's interests. We’re starting out with the most basic needs, with more charities joining down the line.

step 2

choose your impact

You select the charitable gift you wish to give. The gift is the prize which is revealed when your recipient plays the game!

step 3

customize your gift

You personalize your gift by choosing a color, greeting card design & writing your unique message to best suit your relationship to the recipient & the occasion!

step 4

select delivery details

Upon checkout, you enter the sending details of your recipient. You can choose to send the gift via email or via SMS text. The charity you have chosen receives your donation immediately and you receive a tax-deductible donation receipt via email from them.

final step

you gift, they play & you both win

Your recipient will receive the link to your digital gift. Once they play, the prize revealed will be the meaningful gift you’ve donated in their honor. Talk about a win-win!
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some extra info

what is the difference between the paper tickets & digital tickets?

I'm glad you asked! Our paper tickets are mailed to either you or the recipient. The prize is a surprise for everyone so you will not know what you donate until the recipient plays the game. The digital tickets are an experience online that is sent via SMS or email. The recipient will play the game with their cursor or finger. As the buyer you can select the charity and select the scratch off ticket prize!

can I add multiple gifts to one order

Not yet! Currently you can only transact with 1 gift at a time. We are working on this and hope to offer multiple recipients and multiple gifts in 1 checkout soon!

can I schedule when to send the gift?

We are so happy to say, YES! You can either send your digital gift immediately or schedule ahead of time. This option is available during checkout.

how does the donation work?

When you purchase a digital ticket 100% of that transaction is the donation to the charity. They will receive the donation instantly directly to their bank account.

will I know if the recipient opens it?

Currently, we will be notified if your recipient does not open their gift within 48hrs. We will email you with a link to resend it to them!

can I edit it after I checkout?

Right now, we don't have the ability to make any changes to the orders. If you choose to send the gift to the recipient immediately we will have no way to undo that. If your gift is scheduled in advance we may be able to cancel your order and you can start over.

what can I customize?

You choose your charity & select one of their prize offerings. During checkout you can choose the scratch off color, greeting card color and greeting card sentiment. And we aren't done yet! To really personalize your gift you can write a message for the inside of the greeting card.

can I purchase paper tickets & digital tickets at the same time?

Not at the moment! If you want to purchase paper tickets you will have to do go through the checkout process and complete the transaction. Then you will click 'shop digital tickets' and go through the checkout process. Please let us know if you have any questions!