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Laura's story

At a young age my parents showed my siblings and me the importance of giving back and helping those less fortunate. We would go on mission trips to Central America and were able to be on the ground helping first hand. While my parents were providing much needed medical care, I was coloring and playing with the children, translating and distributing medicine and providing meals. It was the best feeling to be able to give to people who had so little and who were so appreciative of our efforts. I remember being shocked by the extreme poverty. I would come away from these trips feeling sad but also energized to make a difference in people’s lives.

Several years ago I started a design shop called Tiny Rebels, which focused on branding. We worked with a lot of social good companies and I especially enjoyed collaborating with those clients. I really felt I was able to give back as I helped build these brands whose mission was to support good causes, but I also knew I could do more.

With LottoLove, I saw an opportunity that used my experience and talents to build something with the sole mission of doing good. Scratch off cards were part of my family during all holidays and my husband loved them just as much. During a road trip after he purchased a scratch off card (which was a winner!) I was inspired to flip the concept of winning for yourself on its head. LottoLove first and foremost gives back to people all over the world but also combines my love of design and creativity.

Laura Beck Founder of LottoLove | Socially Conscious Companies