Laura's story

LottoLove is an idea that was inspired by my family. Growing up my family and I volunteered in Central America. Giving back was part of our lives at a very young age. We saw what poverty looked like and that memory doesn’t go away. During Holidays it was common to exchange scratch off tickets between my family, particularly my Grandmother! It became a family affair as they all watched to see if she won big. In 2012, I started Tiny Rebels, a branding shop in New York. I had been building brands for a few years and a few of them had their own social missions. I wanted to do more good and saw an opportunity to use my branding/design experience.

I’m originally from a beautiful, tiny town in Northern Michigan. I graduated from the University of Michigan and Chicago Portfolio School. Currently, I live in Brooklyn, but my Midwest pride is as strong as ever. Two original and winning scratch off tickets that were part of my inspiration sit on my desk.

Laura Beck Founder of LottoLove