LottoLove is the first ever social good scratch off card. It’s the only lotto where you gift, the recipient plays and someone in need receives something charitable. Our goal is to bring charitable giving to everyday gifting.

It is a game of matching but instead of ‘winning numbers’ you must match ‘giving icons’. Each icon represents a charitable gift and is tied to one of our Non-profit partners. Once a matching icon between the ‘giving icons’ and ‘your icons’ is revealed, flip the card over to learn more about the gift. Everyone has a 100% chance of winning- you can’t beat those odds!

Solar Aid(solar energy), LitWorld(literacy tools), Water is Life(clean water) and Stop Hunger Now(nutritious meals). There is more information about each Non-profit on We want to be transparent about our awesome partners and create awareness about their causes.

Nope! Once the card is purchased by the retailer we make the donation to our partners. We know what the winning gift is based on our numbering system although the recipient won’t know until they play the game. 

They are designed to fit into an A2 envelope and greeting card. Luckily, each variety pack comes with 1 greeting card and 1 envelope! We all have people in our lives that are hard to buy for or don’t necessarily need anything. LottoLove works great for any gifting occasion.

For every card sale LottoLove donates to their partners to fulfill the charitable gift of each card. In addition to the card sale donation we donate our profits.