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The first ever social good scratch off!

Win something charitable, not monetary. Give a LottoLove card and the recipient wins a charitable gift for someone in need. 100% chance of winning - can't beat those odds!

It's not luck, it's love.

LottoLove makes gifting and giving back easy and fun! The winning prize of each card is one of our four basic needs gifts: literacy tools, clean water, nutritious meals or solar energy. The game is the same as a typical scratch off ticket, but you must match icons (instead of numbers). Flip the card over to learn more about the winning donation. It’s the only lotto where everyone is a winner!

Bring charitable giving to everyday gifting!

Buy a card to contribute to one of these causes in someone's name. For every card sale LottoLove donates to their Non-profit partners & once the card is purchased LottoLove makes the donation. Gift to anyone in your life and they win for people in need. Start scratching- there's a whole lotta love to give.

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