LottoLove is a more sustainable way to gift, spread joy, and create a real impact.

By making charitable giving FUN, exciting & an easy gift we are creating a community of daily givers. Small acts of good every day is how we solve our world's problems.

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Champion of Change


Champion of Change

letter from laura

I’m so glad you’re here.

LottoLove stems from two pivotal parts of my childhood. Growing up, my parents took my siblings and me on trips to remote corners of the world to provide aid to communities living in extreme poverty. I’ll never forget being face-to-face with such hardship at a young age.

At the same time, each holiday season, my spirited Grandma shared her love of scratch-off lottery tickets, getting us all caught up in the excitement. Why not flip the concept and turn scratchers into a force for good?

We’ve captured the energy and thrill of scratching, but instead of winning money, you give life-changing gifts like meals, clean water, and more to those in need.

With LottoLove, collective generosity becomes a game where everyone wins. Spreading kindness, making an impact, connecting with loved ones uniquely - it’s all built into this fun way to give. When we give consistently we make real changes. You can learn more about my story here.

As seen on Ellen Degeneres & the TODAY Show

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