“This was an amazing gift, even made my Mom cry!!”

— Danelle P.
Versatile & impactful A gift for literally everyone
Unique & fun Gamifying giving back is a win-win
Win for Women

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2-ticket gift

This gift is intended to be sent directly to the recipient! It's an easy & quick but very impactful quick gift. Think of all the smiles you'll make. Or you may even make someone cry (in a good way).
  • what's inside
  • good to know
  • charities
  • Two LottoLove scratch-off tickets
  • One greeting card of your choice from our available designs (the card is blank on the inside)
  • One white envelope with a gold foil logo stamp
  • One informational card on 'How to Play'

The charitable prize is a surprise and is revealed when the recipient plays.

LottoLove is dedicated to better, more sustainable gifting. We use environmentally-friendly packaging and our materials are FSC certified. Dimensions: 4" x 5.25". Greeting Card and Envelope: 4.25" x 5.5"

Our Win for Women tickets support:

  • Global Glow
  • Camfed
  • Running Start
  • Womankind

When you purchase the scratch-off tickets, LottoLove donates to the respective charities.

how to play

Our tickets inspire conversations & create change. LottoLove shifts the focus from material things to meaningful human connections. It is a win-win-win for everyone (you - recipient-beneficiary-rest of the world).
step 1
try your luck
Grab a penny & start scratching all of the circles on your ticket.
step 2
start playing
Keep scratching until you reveal 2 matching icons. There is 1 prize per ticket.
step 3
every ticket wins
Locate your matching icon on the backside of the ticket & learn what you won for someone else.

note from the founder

I’m so glad you’re here.

LottoLove stems from two pivotal parts of my childhood. Growing up, my parents took my siblings and me on trips to remote corners of the world to provide aid to communities living in extreme poverty. I’ll never forget being face-to-face with such hardship at a young age.

At the same time, each holiday season, my spirited Grandma shared her love of scratch-off lottery tickets, getting us all caught up in the excitement. Why not flip the concept and turn scratchers into a force for good?

We’ve captured the energy and thrill of scratching, but instead of winning money, you give life-changing gifts like meals, clean water, and more to those in need.

With LottoLove, collective generosity becomes a game where everyone wins. Spreading kindness, making an impact, connecting with loved ones uniquely - it’s all built into this fun way to give.
Founder of LottoLove

where will
my winnings go?

See our charities that you have a chance of supporting.
  • GlobalGlow
    Learn More
  • Running Start
    Learn More
  • womankind
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we multiply the number of girls in school, and accelerate their transition to livelihoods and leadership.

What you will give:

months of elementary education young girls in Africa.
Learn more
Running Start
show your values
purposeful gifting
spread joy
create meaningful connections
good for people & planet

do you prefer to give an impactful gift or just a gift?

Showing someone you care shouldn’t come at the expnse of the earth. Our products are FSC certified, our shipping labels are biodegradable, and our packaging is recyclable or reusable.
Picture this:
2.3 million pounds of used, crinkly, glitter-full Santa paper rolling like tumbleweeds across a desolate wasteland of trash.
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Eco-conscious vs. wasteful
Meaningful vs. impersonal
Unique vs. generic
Picture this:
2.3 million pounds of used, crinkly, glitter-full Santa paper rolling like tumbleweeds across a desolate wasteland of trash.

some extra info

how does LottoLove Work?
You purchase the paper tickets as a gift. Give them to the recipient. The recipient plays the scratch off game to reveal what you donated in their honor. LottoLove makes the donation to the respective charity. Win-win!
can i choose the charity?
We love keeping the element of surprise! The charity you donated to is only revealed once the game is played. However you can choose between our basic needs charities and our win for women charities.
does every ticket win?
Yes, we are the only lottery where everyone wins! Every ticket gives to one of our 8 charity partners.