If Animals Kissed Goodnight + LottoLove Book Bundle

Across the animal kingdom, every creature shares love in a unique way and this fun book explores them! What a better way to show love and encourage the children in your life to show love for others than with a LottoLove card? This month, LottoLove is spreading love and supporting literacy with our partner charity, LitWorld. Spread the joy of reading and giving to a child in your life with this book bundle as a special treat or holiday gift.

The If Animals Kissed Goodnight Bundle is the top pick for LottoLove Founder's 13-month-old daughter, Violet!

This book bundle includes:

  • One copy of If Animals Kissed Goodnight
  • One LottoLove Scratch Off
  • One information card about your donation
  • One envelope for easy gifting